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We really are fortunate to live in the Bay area as we have some of the best sports teams in the nation.  Will the Sharks win the Stanley  Cup?  Will the Golden State Warriors take the win?  And the SF Giants are just starting their season as well.  We know that you might be enjoying these awesome games at home with friends and instead of the regular sandwiches and wings, why not try something different?  Sushi or any of our other delicious menu items.

Recently, we have been trying to figure out what we could add to create a WARRIORS ROLL….how about creating your own WARRIORS ROLL and we will make it up for you and your friends.  That’s the beauty of Ebisu.  If we have the fish in-house, it would be our pleasure to create a specialty roll for you and your friends and family to enjoy.  Just ask.

Besides sushi, our full menu is available for takeout as well.  Just give us a heads up and we will have your favorite menu items waiting for you to enjoy at your next game event.

From catering special events like game day parties , we do it all…Wedding…Bar-mitzvahs…holiday parties…work parties…just give us a call at 415-420-1964 or you can order online (48 hours advance notification required) .